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Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Aodhagáin "son of Aidan".

Proper noun

  1. An Irish surname.
  2. A given name, transferred use of the surname.

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Keegan may refer to:
In acting:
In sports:
  • Bob Keegan (1920–2001), American right-handed pitcher in Major League Baseball for the Chicago White Sox from 1953–1958
  • Chad Keegan (born 1979), South African cricketer
  • Kevin Keegan (born 1951), former English football coach and player, current manager of Newcastle United F.C.
  • Paul Keegan (footballer) (born 1972), the first Irishman to play in Major League Soccer, currently with St Patrick's Athletic
  • Rupert Keegan (born 1955), English racing driver
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